Vesper Marine is dedicated to safety on the water for sail, power and work boats. Their award-winning collision avoidance AIS transponders are designed by the Vesper Marine engineering team with an unwavering focus on quality, exceptional value and outstanding customer support.

Vesper Marine is committed to the safety of life and property at sea, reduction of marine accidents and the protection of the marine environment. We value the importance of quality standards and processes in delivering the best of marine technology and service. We support industry associations in achieving these goals. Vesper Marine smartAIS transponders are available across the globe through our expanding network of marine electronics distributors and resellers. A preferred choice for recreational boaters and commercial vessels, Vesper Marine smartAIS technology is used by leading names in sailing.

Vesper Marine is dedicated to creating marine safety products with technically superior and easy to use features. Rather than repackaging existing designs, we develop our products from the ground up giving us greater flexibility and better product performance. Our products have won international awards and recognition for innovation. leading names in sailing.